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We create sound as it is meant to sound

Creation of sound effects

We create sound effects using Foley recording based materials and our vast sound libraries in order to get the best sounding assets, optimized for different media contents.

Implementation in middleware environments

We are proficient in implementation in different engines such as:

Audiokinetic Wwise

CRI Middleware Co. ADX2

Also we provide our services for every company that may have customized sound engines.

Postproduction for video contents

We provide sound design and post production services for different video contents and in game cut scenes in different environments.

We also provide mixing services up to 7.1 ch.

Post production and dynamic mixing for in game contents

We make the sound design and post production for all the real time rendered cut scenes and also we make the mixing for the entire contents for your game projects.

We also adjust our workflow to provide the best user experience.

Dialogue processing services

Musical contents consulting and implementation

We make a selection of music that will suit the needs of your project and produce optimal playback implementation, including interactive music. We can also give you consulting services if you already are working with composers and music producers.  We propose and operate system creation and control methods to simplify the workflow for your team.

3D Sound design for VR

Recording services

We have in our disposition a Foley studio with props for every type of game.


Voice and dialogue recording services.

Field recording services.

Consulting for sound systems

We deliver sounds recorded in our studio or recorded in any other studio after noise cleaning and any other processing related matters. The sound assets will be renamed and organized to be ready for implementation.

We can also make the sound implementation for the dialogue in Middleware.

In order to implement VR sound designed contents it is required to have specialized sound implementation knowledge.

By making use of our tools and our staff experience we design the acoustic space and make the implementation of every sound in 3D environments ready for VR.

In order to make your content even more wonderful, we make various sessions hearing your work, concepts, ideas and we analyze them. Then we make a further planning for production, system design and optimization to help you to achieve the ideas you have and implementing them in less time.

System optimization services

Voice actors/actresses booking

We make the resource management such as CPU processing and memory for your sound assets.

We prioritize the goals you want to achieve and then we optimize your assets to deliver your product as you want to release it. We help you to find a way to make it possible even with limited resources.

We book voice actors/actresses to best suit your project needs and provide the best materials for your projects. 

We also are associated with junior actors and talents to make your projects less expensive.


* We mainly book Japanese language sessions.

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